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2013-10-18 08:06:06


Jerem Morrow here welcoming you to the very first page of the DRIVE-IN HORRORSHOW webcomic series.

We hope you've brought a fresh pair of undies and personal funeral money cause buckle up and settle in, it's been nice knowing you!

A friend of a friend put me in contact with Neel and Ansin, as they were looking to expand the filmic world of The Drive-In Horrorshow into the comic medium.

I peeped their movie and loved it. It was this glorious mix of classic, grimly humorous EC Comics, anthology horror and sincere DIY indie film-making. Straight out, I was on board.

All I had to do was convince them I was the right artist for the job so I did what anyone would in a similar setting, I set about sacrificing farm animals immediately.

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DRIVE-IN HORROR SHOW is a free, weekly comic updated every Friday 9am EST of horrific proportions based on a published comic brought to you by the collaborative efforts of Michael Neel, Greg Ansin, Jerem Morrow and Shi Blank. MEET THE CREATORS!
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