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Page 42 - The beginning of the end
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2014-09-05 08:06:06

And we're back to our regular schedule. Well, not for too long it seems!

I amped up the saturation and grittiness of the remaining pages but still keeping the same techniques found at the beginning of the comic. Jerem's illustrations have taken a darker, grimmer spin if you compare it to his earlier pages; probably signalling a change in perceiving the same characters after reading, "The Good Luck Charm".

Will you keep reading? Would you still follow the Projectionist into the vault of shadowy lurkings after all the bloodshed? There are still pages to be turned, after all.

Now, before I let you go, have you seen Guillermo Del Toro's latest teevee offering, The Strain? It's a bit (a lot) silly, sometimes to the point of eye-rolling, furious eyebrow-furrowing, audible-groaning proportions but it's all for a bit of b-grade (maybe f-grade) fun, really. Here's a teeny trailer for it below.

Ohohoho, wasn't that everything I said?

And finally, if you're like me and sometimes enjoy a bit of audible-only entertainment, here's "The World’s Largest H. P. Lovecraft Audio Links Gateway!" where the only thing more impressive that the overflowing list of wonderful recordings are the tags associated with that blog post.

Ok, so I lied. There's just one more thing I needed to get off my chest - this wonderful short.