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The Creators
Projectionist portrait
Greg Ansin is a Boston-based film maker who has worked on numerous independent features and documentaries over the past ten years. He is the producer and co-writer of the film Drive-In Horrorshow, which has screened at many film festivals and received rave reviews and is currently available on DVD and VOD through Midnight Releasing. He co-created and animated Infinite Santa 8000, a web series and feature film about Santa Claus killing mutants in the year 8000.
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Michael Neel got his BA in Film from Vassar College in 1999, and has been working in the industry ever since. Michael has worked in a variety of genres, including documentaries, horror films, comedies, and music videos. He is the director and co-writer of Drive-In Horrorshow, which HorrorHound Magazine called "a creative spin on throw-back anthology horror!" He co-created and animated the Infinite Santa 8000 web series and feature film with Greg Ansin.
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Jerem Morrow is a horror obsessed freelance illustrator/writer/sculptor classically trained at the Art Instructional School of Minneapolis, MN. He also has NFL logo design, film design, comic books, magazine comic strips, album covers, haunt industry design, music festival design and political/news cartoons for NSFWcorp to his credit. He resides in western NC with his journalist wife, 3 questionable children and 3 murderous cats.
Teen portrait
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Love from the web
"Reminds fans of the childlike wonderment of reading a good comic." Alex DiVincenzo, horrornews.net "If you like Tales from the Crypt comic books, the Drive-In Horrorshow is where it's at." Ammon Gilbert, Arrow in the Head "9 eyeball poppers out of 10" Comics Forge "If you are a fan of horror comics or even just excellent artwork,
you really need to give this one your attention."
TheBmovieavenger "It's like watching another part of their film in comic book fashion.
I give the comic book 4 out of 4 stars and believe it will have horror fans screamin for more!"
Tim Gross, Bastards of Horror