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Page 44 - Fan Art Special by Draven Leeman
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2014-08-22 08:06:06

After the comic was done and dusted, it was suggested that I coloured Draven's fan art so this was more of a secret collab than anything and I couldn't possibly pass up on that. Who could?!

And so, following the footsteps of The Monster Engine, I tried my best to retain the flavour of comic and create something monstrous. As Draven had so wonderfully created a few pieces of fan art, I combined them all into a smorgasbord of sorts in a style that can only be described as a tribute to the old "Tales from the Crypt" comic covers. Lo and behold!

I hope Draven likes it as much as I had such a blast doing this.

In fact, I should really be thanking him. Awesome work, Draven!