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Page 47 - Fan Art Special by Tony Maldonado
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2014-08-29 08:06:06

When I saw that My Creative Brother, Andrew Dimitt, was doing a pin-up for Drive-In Horror Show, I wanted to do one as well. Jerem being the Gracious guy that he is said that I could (so I was onboard).

Part of the Fun of going to the Movies for me was people watching in the concession line. So that's the route I took, using Billy Troll and The Teenage Axe Victim, surrounded by a gaggle of other suspicious looking characters. I also had Fun throwing in a couple of faux movies posters of their films.

Thanks for letting Me play in Your sandbox.

Tony Maldonado

shi: This guest post is brought you by the awesome, Tony “tmalo” Maldonado, whose work includes comics like P.I. Jane, Chicago 1968 and Lab Bratz.

If you're anywhere near Forest Park, Illinois, you can also support ALS research by purchasing Tony's sketches for Defiant Comics' ALS Charity Drive. 100% of proceeds go directly to ALSA.org.

Follow him on Twitter, DeviantArt and subscribe to his blogposts for more comic goodness. Thank you so much, Tony!