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Page 45 - Fan Art Special by Andrew Dimitt
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2014-07-11 08:06:06

This pin-up was a whole lot of fun to cobble together! :)

Thank you for the invite, Jerem! And Thank You Drive-In Horror Show :)

This piece happened pretty naturally and organically :) I wanted to send some Love to two of the dearest best friends on this planet :) and so I sort'a imagined both of these beautiful, awesome girls ( Meranda & Autumn ) making the most of a world where everyone had become zombies...everyone except Autumn's Manchester terrier ( Gir ) of course! :)

LOVE!!! :):):)

Andrew Dimitt

shi: This guest post is brought you by the awesome, Andrew Dimitt, whose work includes comics like Drockleberry and Flowing Wells amongst many others. Thank you so much, Andrew!