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Page 4 - Setting styles
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2013-11-15 07:06:06

This was amongst the first few images I received from Jerem that needed colouring. I really had no idea what the story was going to be about except that it was part of an anthology and there were 2 distinct stories with different treatments applied to each. Since I'm given the art as and when Jerem finishes them, there was no specific direction in the colouring style as a whole apart from a few guidelines to follow.

For this particular scene Jerem asked for a comical and cartoonish approach so I started small and simple, which ended up being the right choice for this part of the comic; bright, bold colours mixed in with geometric shapes that were more vector based than painterly.

You'll no doubt see the approach maturing slightly as I get more experimental but this doesn't happen until much later (spoilers!) in the comic. Still, it was a rather steep learning curve due to the time constraints and a very humbling experience collaborating with Jerem who knew exactly what he wanted in terms of art direction and approach.