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Page 41 - Respite
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2014-08-08 08:06:06

You know that moment, the relief of air after a chokehold, the release of tense arms and shoulders after putting away both hands that shielded eyes from horrific scenes; eyelids almost entirely shut, face crunched up. When the music hits crescendo, when the thunder of cymbals and screams have had their way and all you hear is the next morning of the event - birds chirping.

This page was just like that for me. That first panel with the bell and the completely benign, "Hello?". I thought, "Man, this guy is Evil with a capital E."

This page is purely back and forth discourse, the colours are straight to the point, no effects apart from the dramatic shades to further note the serious tone of the situation. And that second panel. Such an obvious dig from Mr.Evil to Jennie, as if saying - "You know I brought chaos into this household, were there any survivors?"

Evil dude is so blasé about that seemingly innocent question even if the look on his face seems genuine enough! Or maybe that was a taunt? I can't tell evil. The lady of the household, however, remains vigilant. She knows the deal and she's not giving any signs of weaknesses away. Her resilience against this evil remains constant throughout the entire ordeal or maybe she was still coping with the shock.

Nonetheless, that shock came as quickly as it left with this page. Still reeling? You bet I am.

Before I leave, here's something a little different.

LYLE - starring Gaby Hoffmann from Stewart Thorndike. The filmmakers ask you to please share the film and, if you like it, to donate what you want to the Kickstarter campaign for PUTNEY, writer/director Stewart Thorndike's next film: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1966172888/putney-director-of-lyles-new-film-about-a-haunted