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2013-10-31 07:06:06

As per the title, like literally, Jerem appeared out of nowhere and asked me if I was up for a challenge - to colour 48 complete A4 pages of hand drawn illustrations within a month. Was I ever! I had no experience whatsoever in digital colouring, my expertise being towards graphics and vectors, so to say I was a little intimidated would be an understatement.

Still, Jerem and I go way back from before the social-media-internets but have yet to collaborate on anything at this level of commitment so I figured, why the hell not? Finally, I could work with an artist whose work I greatly admire and appreciate; I better not fuck this up :}

And a year later, here we are and I get to welcome you to the Drive-In Horror Show.

I also get to be in a rather fortunate position to not only be the colourist of this macabre affair but also the gatekeeper of the site. So if you find anything that is in disarray, please do not hesitate to ring my doorbell.

And since it's rather fitting for today, I thought I'd share a couple of things that are frightfully entertaining.

First, the Halloween Issue of The Lovecraft eZine is now online. If you are a fan of all things Lovecraftian, you will enjoy the good work that Mike Davis & gang are doing and have been doing for a good number of years now. This issue is a tribute to Roger Zelazny’s beloved book, A Night in the Lonesome October, so you're in for a treat.

Next, smother your loved ones, unplug all phones and enjoy this underrated horror classic.

Happy trick-a-treating and see you ghouls next week!